Warehouse logistics.

Relaxed stopover for your goods.

    Procurement / Warehousing / Picking / Distribution

  • Precise deliveries for your goods with inbound and outbound logistics as a special service
  • Professional warehousing, taking into account the nature of your goods
  • 5000 m² heated and covered warehouse space and 15,000 m2 in the open air
  • Modern computerised warehouse management system including links to outside computer systems through a data telecommunications interface
  • Possibility of picking goods
  • Neutral handling of jobs guaranteed
  • Europe-wide distribution of goods stored at our premises within 24 hours of any release order
  • Individual advice and processing

Precise deliveries of goods are becoming more and more important in the light of the current shortage of warehouse capacity and the cost-intensive business of keeping stocks on site. Those who can deliver quickly and are flexible secure business. We not only provide a just-in-time delivery programme, but also extensive inbound and outbound logistics as a special service.

We pick up the goods from the shipper and store them properly at our premises. We have heated and covered warehouse space measuring 5,000 m2 and an area measuring 15,000 m2 outside. Our modern computerised warehouse management system provides us with the latest information on current stocks at any time. We can also link up an outside computer system through a data telecommunications interface.

It goes without saying that we can also re-pick your goods and deliver them to your production sites or specified destination in line with your needs.

We automatically generate picking and delivery notes using our computer system – and we can also guarantee neutral handling for jobs.

We can distribute the goods stored at our premises to the final customer anywhere in Germany or to most parts of Europe within 24 hours of any release order. Our modern telematics system enables us to track consignments at any time.

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