Paper consignments.

Getting your paper moving.

  • Many years of experience
  • Services across Germany and Europe
  • Super-light trailers with a vehicle payload of up to 26 t
  • Vehicles with Joloda guide rails and iron wedges, anti-slip mats, edge protectors and the appropriate belts to provide ideal cargo securing services
  • The highest degree of safety from trained and experienced personnel

We also have many years of experience in the field of transporting paper. Our super-light trailers permit payloads of up to 26 t.

We also provide vehicles with Joloda guide rails and iron wedges and the necessary cargo securing materials.

It goes without saying that our members of staff have been ideally trained to handle paper shipments and can offer you the maximum possible degree of safety.

SFeel free to get in touch with us. Patrick Kimmig and Tobias Petrovic will give you advice, with no obligation on your part, at

Patrick Kimmig
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Tobias Petrovic
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