Green logistics.

Envionment awareness, an investment in the future.

As a responsible family business, we use the facilities available for use in the transport sector to play an active part in protecting the environment.

Our modern fleet exclusively consists of vehicles that completely meet the EURO 5 emission standards. Automatic gearboxes (power shift), low resistance tyres, aerodynamic packages, using fuel-efficient engine oil or e.g. summer and winter tyres (instead of all-year tyres that wear badly) are all a natural part of our contribution to achieving more ecology in road traffic. A reduction in CO2 emissions not only protects the environment, but also our resources.

We carry out all the maintenance and repair work on our trucks ourselves at our own workshop. The modern and extensive equipment even allows the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) to directly complete inspection procedures at our business site.

All our vehicles are equipped with our GPS-supported telematics system and this helps us avoid unnecessary empty runs – we know exactly where all our trucks are at any given moment, thanks to our computer system.

Our own company truck washing facility uses rainwater from our own collection tanks. The waste water can be used several times because of the in-built water processing unit. We also pay attention to protecting the environment by carefully selecting the cleaning agents we use.

Our employees are our greatest source of potential. We place great importance on qualified advanced and further training as a recognised training company for professional truck drivers and freight forwarding agents.

Appropriate events are held in our own company training rooms several times a year. The systematic analysis of vehicle data on individual driving styles plays an important role here.

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